Turkey Fire and Flood Appeal Campaign

19 August 2021

Dear valued Member,


The 2021 Turkey wildfires were a series of over two hundred wildfires that burnt over 1,700 square
kilometres of Turkey's forest in its Mediterranean Region in July and August 2021, the worst ever wildfire
season in the country's history. The wildfires started in Manavgat, Antalya Province, on 28 July 2021, with
the temperature around 37 °C and continued to burn in Muğla until 9 August 2021.

The raging forest fires in southern Turkey have caused huge devastation, with many people losing their homes
and possessions — and some their lives. The fire has also killed farm animals and wildlife. Following the
largest wildfires in the country’s history which spread across the southwest, Turkey unfortunately also
experienced floods caused by unusually heavy rainfall ravaging Turkey’s northern coast, tearing down a
bridges, homes and destroying infrastructure and leaving villages without power.

Fundraising for emergency needs arising from the fires and floods have come to an end. However, the hard
work to restore and rebuild the environment is about to start once the full extent of the damage has been
assessed. To support the restoration and rebuilding efforts after the devastating fires and floods the
Australian Turkish Business Council with its Board and Members invite everyone to band together and make
a donation to restore our motherland to its former natural habitat and help to rebuild lives.

We have carefully selected a number of different charities to which you can choose for your donations to be
directed. All donations will be forwarded to the Charity nominated by you. You may choose to nominate
1 or more charity for your donations to be sent. No amount of donation is too small as every dollar counts.

Funds raised will be used to:

  1. Care for injured wildlife and help build a sustainable rescue and rehabilitation program for wildlife. (
  2. Re-plant seedlings to restore the forests and vegetation. (TEMA)
  3. Re-build human lives and communities displaced and left homeless by fires and floods. (KIZILAY and

The ATBC board has already put forward $1000.00 for TEMA, $1000.00 for WWF, $1000.00 for KIZILAY
and $1000.00 for AHBAP.

The ATBC Board will speak to representatives from each of the organizations we are supporting and follow
to see how the donation is being utilized and post information on our website.

As the business community, we ask you to please make your generous donations. Donations of $500.00 and
above will be formally acknowledged on the ATBC website, to recognise the generous contributions by your
business and by you individually.

On behalf of the ATBC Board, we thank you in advance for your support and generous donations to restore
and rebuild lives.

Meryem Apak