05 April 2022

Dear ATBC Members

Please note the attached funding will cease on the 30 June 2022 hence we must sign up any staff before then. This scheme is for anyone employed by a business/organisation for the past 12 months part-time or 3 months full-time. If the Employer has casual staff, they may consider placing their staff on a part-time contract for eligibility.

Please find attached a flyer which explains the Incentive program. It sounds too good to be true but it’s definitely correct. I’m happy to pop in and explain in more detail if you like?  

If you were an Employer Ray, in short, your staff engage in a training program which develops their skills and they complete the course over 12 months. In most situations the Employer is left with up to $28,000 GST free per full-time employee after the training is completed and the training fees are paid. The training fees are subtracted after payments are made every 3 months into your nominated account.


You - the employer are entitled up to $32,000 in grants over 12 months per employee if you enrol your staff into our training programs before 30 June, 2022. You can claim up to 50% of your wages bill for each employee. The Employer will receive $7,000 every 3 months per full-time employee over 12 months (their gross salary should be around $50,000 a year). Basically the employee needs to be earning around $14,000 gross a quarter for the employer to be paid the $7,000 every 3 months i.e. 50% of their wages. Please NOTE your part-time staff subsidy payments will be less however 50% of their wages will be paid by this scheme.


Training Fees are paid once you receive your funding i.e. after 3 months, the Training organisation (RTO) does not charge you training fees before you receive your grant. Training fees vary from $4,500 - $6,000 inclusive of all fees for the year.


The only condition is the employee must have been employed by you within 12 months part-time or 3 months full-time. If they have another qualification etc, that is no issue as the course they will most likely undertake (Certificate 3 in Business) will be in an unrelated field. The Program is for NEW employees however EXISTING employees are covered depending on the skills shortage of that industry.


Below is an example of some questions you may have:


  1. You employed John Smith 9 months ago Part Time. He is eligible for this Program as he has been employed within 12 months part-time.


  1. John is enrolled into let’s say the Certificate III in Business – the course you or he chooses will be related to the industry he is working in.


  1. John is allowed by you the Employer at least 4 hours a month to work on the program (the trainer will make contact with John and help him work through the training modules – can be face-to-face or by Zoom).


The Employer receives up to $7,000 clear every 3 months in their account for John ($28,000 for the year). Please note John needs to be earning around $14,000 a quarter.


There could be other payments you are eligible for i.e. an additional commencement grant of up to $1,500 and a further completion grant of $2,500 for a full time employee while the Part-time employee will attract a $1,500 grant on completion.


  1. John walks away with a Nationally Recognised Qualificationwhich wold normally cost him thousands, the Employer walks away with up to $28,000 + more and you have trained staff.


Tom O’Toole the most successful Baker from the Beechworth Bakery was asked “What if you train your staff and they leave?” “He responded with What if I don’t train them and they stay?” The more you learn, the more you earn!


  1. What happens if John leaves your organisation after 3 months due to circumstances and you were paid $7,000? It doesn’t matter the grant is still yours.


We - Small Business Australia engage our partner Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Milcom and the Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) Mas who will sign and enrol your staff into the program.


Some of the most popular courses on offer are as follows:


BSB30120        Certificate III in Business – most popular as the Trainee can pick and choose elective subjects.

BSB40520        Certificate IV in Leadership & Management.

BSB50420        Diploma of Leadership and Management

BSB50120        Diploma of Business

ICT60220         Advance Diploma of Information Technology

ICT30419         Certificate III in Telecommunications Network and Built

ICT30519         Certificate III in Telecommunications Technology

ICT60220         Advance Diploma of Information Technology


More GOOD NEWS – We, Small Business Australia also offer FREE Business Mentoring worth $2,000 - $4,000 to you to help with strategies to improve your business.


Please watch the info here www.smallbusinessaustralia.org/traineeships


So where to from here? Please complete the 2 attached EXCEL Spreadsheets and we will confirm the status of your employees eligibility.


Once we have confirmed eligibility we will lock in a date and location and we will sign your staff up for the program, the process could take up to 1 hour. It’s ideal to have all your staff together to streamline the enrolment process.


What’s the catch?  WE MUST SIGN THEM UP BEFORE 30 JUNE 2022. Please feel free to call me anytime on 0413 850 357.




Oscar Yildiz JP   BA, Dip Ed, Dip FM, Dip RM, Workplace Assessor & GAICD 

National Business Development Manager | 0413 850 357 | SmallBusinessAustralia.org

Attachments to download:

Employer Signup Request Spreadsheet - 23.02.2022

MAS Staff Funding Eligibility Check

$32,000 Per Employee In Grants

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