ATBC Picnic – 2016

What a brilliant day, we could not have anticipated a better turnout. The 2016 ATBC picnic was held at Jack Roper Reserve and it was favourably embraced by all those that attended.

There was plenty delicious barbecued meat, salads, dips, bread and cold drinks. There was a great atmosphere and it was wonderful to see our community enjoying themselves.

The children received Commonwealth Bank showbags and many gifts were presented with out Annual Raffle.

The ATBC would like to thank our sponsors: Commonwealth Bank, Bross Panels, Grand Foods, Ardent Concepts, Tek Foods, East Street Upholstery, Selvi Psychological Services, Australasian Corporate Services and the Turkish Bread Factory.


ATBC Picnic – 2014

The morning weather began a bit chilly but the ATBC Board and their helpers arrived early to set up for the Annual Picnic at Greenvale Reservoir, knowing full well that the crowds would pour in.

Banners and flags were unfolded, tables were set, barbecues were lit, barbecue aroma filled the air, salad and dips were displayed; and then a continuous, long, steady stream of guests arrived to enjoy the day.

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ATBC Picnic – 2012

The ATBC Board arrived early morning at Greenvale Reservoir to set up for the picnic. We began the day by placing out the signs, flags and banners.

Some friends from the ATUSA board arrived before lunch to lend a hand with the preparations.

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ATBC Picnic – 2011

One of the great delights this Summer was the annual ATBC picnic, which was held at Greenvale Reservoir on the 6th March.

The day was absolutely beautiful, the sun was shining, the weather was warm and there was no intrusive wind. The beautiful weather bought out many Turkish families to enjoy the lovely day.

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ATBC Picnic – 2010

On Sunday the 28th February, ATBC held their first Annual Picnic at Greenvale Reservoir.

The weather was rather cool but it did not hinder the brave and eager Picnic lovers from enjoying their day. The Children played ball games and had lots of fun. The men and women socialized as they consumed the tasty, barbecued food.

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