Turkish Cypriot Businesswomen Association

Whilst holidaying in Cyprus, ATBC President Huseyin Mustafa was invited to address the Turkish Cypriot Businesswomen Association. Huseyin was delighted and honoured to receive this invitation.

The seminar was attended by around 40 women members as well as members of the media and other associations. Huseyin spoke about the Australian economy, success of the Australian Turkish Cypriots and the economic potential of Cyprus.

The Event was very well received and Huseyin was pleased to meet and converse with some very successful and passionate Women business owners.


Huss creates Harmony

Huss Mustafa is passionate about cultural diversity and he has been an active member of the Victorian Multicultural Commission for a number of years now.

Huss is involved in many key cultural events throughout the year, and speaks regularly on the positive impact of cultural diversity.

Huss loves sharing his story and connecting with people – this helps him and his employees in the workplace, and also creates a warm connection with his customers.

A taste of harmony is so exciting.


Craig James Economic Seminar

The ATBC hosted a very informative Economic Seminar at the Sofitel Hotel. Many of our members attended to hear CBA Chief Economist Craig James deliver an insightful, financial lecture.

Our members enjoyed a three course dinner and drinks whilst being enlightened with up-to-date economic knowledge and trends.

This year our members were given a great pleasant surprise. At the end of the Seminar, the attendees were entertained with vibrant song and music performed by Turkish band ‘DeJaVu’.

After the music was over, our members were happily socialized before heading home.