27 May 2021


We are going back into another COVID circuit breaker which we are all familiar with now and hopefully, this one will be short and sweet. However, we must be prepared and act quickly to ensure that as leaders of our businesses we do what is required to ensure that we act within the proposed restrictions in a safe and effective manner.

The restrictions commence 11:59pm Thursday 27th May (today) through to 11:59pm Thursday 3 June 2021

  1. What are the restrictions and how do they impact our movements?

1.1  We have attached the official statement from the Premiers office which summarises all of the restrictions and how they impact your personal movements.

Key points are:

Social Activities 

Stay at home unless:

  1. Shopping for necessary goods and services (one person per household, once per day, a support person can accompany if required)
  2. Caregiving or compassionate reasons
  3. Authorised work or permitted education, or work interstate
  4. Exercise (up to two hours, with one other person or members of your household)
  5. Receive a vaccination
  6. Other specified reasons (specific exemptions apply)

Travel Distance Limits 

Travel limit of 5km from the place of primary residence, except:

  1. To access necessary goods and services where those goods and services cannot be accessed closer than 5kms from home.
  2. To visit an intimate partner
  3. To visit a person in your “single bubble”
  4. Allowed to travel for authorised work and permitted education
  5. Work at an interstate location (where permitted by another state)
  6. Care and compassionate reasons (specific exemptions apply)
  1. Which businesses are able to remain open?

2.1          We have attached the official statement from the Premiers office which summarises all of the industries that are able to remain open in detail. This is an extensive list so please ensure that you read this to ensure you have a good understanding of whether your business fits within this list. The list of businesses that can open under circuit breaker restrictions are able to open on the basis that their employees are unable to work from home.

2.2          The industries that are able to remain open appear to be similar to these that were in place under the stage 4 lockdown arrangements in August 2020 but are not the same. The key difference that we have noted is that there is no direct mention of reduced capacity requirements for the building and manufacturing industries so it is fair to assume that there are no capacity restrictions at all. However we encourage you to keep up to date with further announcements as things may change.  Please note that essential retail still requires the 1 person per 4 square meters test to be complied with.

2.3         We note that the government has provided an authorized worker list. Please refer page 3 & 4 of the attached statement from the acting premier. Importantly, an authorized worker includes “all manufacturing” (refer page 6) which confirms that manufacturing businesses are able to continue to operate during the circuit breaker restrictions. This is clarified on the VECCI website where they confirm “Any person who performs work that is essential for the continued operation of all manufacturing is considered an authorised worker”.


  1. What are the current stand down laws in Victoria?


We have attached a summary document prepared by “siag” (141.NAT.141.21 – Victorian Restrictions – Stand Down Laws) which explains how the employee standdown provisions operate during the 7 day circuit breaker.


Please review the attached document but in summary, the Fair work act stand down measures will apply during this period as there has been a: “stoppage of work for any cause for which the employer cannot reasonably be held responsible”.


  1. For all businesses that will remain open during the 7 Day Circuit Breaker(we re-supply you with)


4.1         Permitted Work Permit – It is not clear whether or not this is a requirement during this 7 day circuit breaker, however, we believe in being prudent by issuing your eligible workers (as you had done previously during the last lockdown) will provide extra coverage in the instance that they become a requirement. We suggest that you complete these with a date that ends a week later than 3rd June just in case there are any changes or extensions. We have re-attached the VIC GOV Stage 4 Employee Permit Template 05082020 5.00am (Word version);

 4.2        Remember to maintain and keep your COVID safe plan ongoing. This is a good time to do a self-review to ensure that your plan is being followed and maintained correctly. For ease of reference we have re-attached the same plans that we circulated with the Stage 4 lockdown updates: 

4.2.1          The “ACS Open (For On-Site Work) COVID Safe Plan 13082020” for all non High-Risk Industries which includes the requirement for the authorised employer to sign each page.  

4.2.2          It doesn’t appear necessary to implement the High Risk COVID Safe plan at this stage as these plans had a focus on reduced capacity requirements amongst others. However, should you believe it is necessary that your business maintains a high risk covid safe plan then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with the appropriate template.

4.3         ACS COVID Workplace Attendance Register 05082020 (Word version. Please replace Australasia Corporate Services Pty Ltd with your company details and make all amendments in yellow & ensure that any other amendments are appropriately made) ;

4.4         Infection Control in the Workplace (EmploySure) 05082020 (Word version provided by our employment advice partners and make all amendments that you believe is required. This document is referred to in the ACS Open (For On-Site Work) COVID Safe Plan 05082020 at page 4

4.5      QR Code & Electronic Register Update

It is important to note that from Friday 28 May 2021:

4.5.1              Venues and facilities currently using a Victorian Government API-linked digital record keeping system must switch to the Victorian Government QR Service.

4.5.2              It will be mandatory for customer-facing industries that require checking-in to use the free Victorian Government QR Code Service. These sectors include hospitality, gyms, cinemas and hair and beauty services. See the complete list of businesses required to use electronic record keeping here

For instructions on how to switch, read register to use the Victorian Government QR Code Service

4.6          Signage - It is important to display signage to remind people of the need to check in, and other safety measures. A link to download posted can be used here


To download the attached files, please click here