COVID-19 Special Update

COVID-19 Special Update

13 April 2020

We are at COVID 19 - Stage 3 lockdown and we now provide you with the attached “ACS COVID 19 Special Update” which gives a detailed analysis of the financial concessions and impacts to your business and those who work with you. It is extensive and up to date as at 9 April 2020!

Our analysis serves to provide you with a detailed checklist of announcements (which while detailed, may not be a complete comprehensive of all announcements including those at a local council level). We hope you read this information and ensure that you react to what you are required to do as leaders of the business community. If you have any queries please contact us at ACS.

We wish a Happy Easter to all your family and you from our ACS family.

Click here to download the checklist

Alan Yildiz
ATBC Board Member