Building Bridges between Australia and Turkey

This year the ATBC have been privileged to be part of an ANZAC project, which is an inter-school sister program between Australia and Turkey.

The ANZAC project was developed by Mr Ian Simpkin, who is a senior staff member at Mount Clear College in Ballarat. This project has cultivated a formal sister school partnership with Gelibolu Anadolu Lisesi, whereby students and teachers from each college visit each other biennially.
This sister-school project was designed to foster interest in both countries’ wartime heritage and to promote international understanding and peace between the young people of Turkey and Australia.

The ATBC have visited Mount Clear College on two occasions to commemorate the partnership between both schools. On the 22nd April, President of the ATBC Huseyin Mustafa together with Turkey’s Consulate Melbourne Consul Ismail Civelik and ATBC Member Nuri Birer visited the college to commemorate ANZAC day.

The ATBC in their endeavor to support and bridge our two countries provided sponsorship to 3 Mount Clear college students, who will travel to Turkey to visit Gallipoli and their sister school in September 2009.

Our ATBC grant to Mount Clear College is aimed at sponsoring an education program where students of both countries will jointly play a unique role in enhancing the cultural and educational ties between Australia and Turkey. By reaching out to both Australians and Turks, the ATBC hopes to provide awareness and knowledge to students about Turkey and Australia.

The ATBC sponsorship of the ANZAC project may be small however the cultural and educational rewards derived by these young, inquisitive students will be enormous.

The ATBC would like to wish the successful students a rewarding and safe trip.

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