Annual General Meeting

The Australian Turkish Business Council Held their Annual General Meeting on Thursday 25th February at the Hume Global Learning Centre.

Many Guests and Members attended the AGM. Attendees dined on a large array of Turkish food and socialized prior to the meeting.

Marcus Falay details the 2015 Gallipoli event

Marcus Falay details the 2015 Gallipoli event

On the Evening, the members were privileged to hear about the accomplishments of some of our members. Marcus Falay spoke about his Gallipoli 2015 event. A venture that took him 5 years to organise, chartering a ship to cruise Turkish waters and docking at Gallipoli for 4 days during the 100 year Gallipoli remembrance. Marcus articulated the long and arduous negotiations that were involved with Canakkale authorities, the extensive marketing campaign, the dignitaries that took the trip and he shared the emotions the passengers experienced during the event.

Our esteemed member Dr Mehmet Madakbas spoke about his discoveries in Physics and the accomplishments of his companies, principally dealing with light. He spoke about his collaboration with Victorian Universities and the uses of a new property called Graphene. The attendees were amazed about Dr Madakbas’s accomplishments.

Four Board Members positions had expired. Nuri Birer did not re-nominate for a Board Position. The ATBC thanks Nuri for his contribution to the board and we wish him and his lovely family the best of luck for the future. The board members who re-nominated were unanimously voted back by the members.

The 2016 ATBC Board includes: Huseyin Mustafa, Muradiye Selvi, Alan Yildiz, Ozal Halil, Attila Mete, Mehmet Madakbas, Marcus Falay and Osman Kuyruk. They all look forward to serving our members for another year.

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