Supporting Art & Culture

Support Art and Culture

The Australian Turkish Business Council encourages our community to retain and express their social identity and cultural inheritance by supporting cultural events.

The ATBC is a proud sponsor of many events including the Annual Tulip Festival, Turkish Film festivals, Pazar Festivals and Turkish cultural events. By providing financial support to these events the ATBC aims to:

  • Build a positive image of Turkey within the Australian community
  • Educate Australians the richness of Turkish society
  • Nurture the young, set example and provide inspiration for Turkish youth
  • Encourage Tourism to Turkey
  • Support Artists and their Art

Each year the ATBC organizes a picnic, where all our members and the entire Turkish community are invited for free, to enjoy the day. All the food is provided at no charge and we also have music, entertainment, face painting and games for the children. This event encourages the community to come together, socialize and engage in fun with the aim of building a positive image of Turkish and Australian culture.