About Us


The Australian Turkish Business council is a non-profit organization.The Board is made up of dedicated business people, who freely donate their time to meet and organize events. All events are designed to promote business opportunities, to encourage the prosperity of Australian-Turkish relations and to promote and celebrate Turkish culture.


The Australian Turkish Business council was established to bring together business people, academics and government officials to share their economic, financial and legislative insights. The ATBC represents the Turkish community to all levels of government and also provides a wealth of opportunity to its members by:

  • Providing Networking for our members within the council and with people of affiliated organizations in Australia and Turkey
  • Creating an environment for our business people to share their knowledge and experience with other members
  • Becoming a lobbying power for Turkish business
  • Promoting Turkish business and awareness to the Australian Government
  • Conducting seminars for members to provide information on the economy, trade and business opportunities
  • Hosting functions for our members to meet and explore business opportunities with Consulates, Ministers, Trade Delegates and senior Politicians

Education And Sport

Education of Youth is of major importance for the Australian Turkish Business Council. The ATBC provides educational initiatives for students within the Australian and Turkish community. Students are our future professional, business people and we aim to encourage them by:

  • Encouraging and supporting students to remain on their chosen course
  • Creating an environment for our business people to share their knowledge and experience with other members
  • Providing students completing their academic studies with employment
  • Fostering interest in Australia and Turkey’s wartime heritage and to promote international understanding and peace among the young people of Turkey and Australia
  • Financial support by way of sponsorship of Australian/Turkish students associations and Turkish language programs and Schools Sport and sporting events are also areas that the ATBC is keen to support sponsor and has over the past many years been a major sponsor of the Gallipoli Youth Club (GYC) a project that fosters the existing relationship between Australia and Turkey and it gives our Turkish community priceless exposure and youth the opportunity to engage in both playing tennis for fun and at competitive levels between the two countries

Art and Culture

The Australian Turkish Business Council supports cultural events. The ATBC is proud to have sponsored many events including: the Annual Tulip Festival, Turkish Film festivals and Turkish cultural events. By providing financial support to these events the ATBC aims to:

  • Build a positive image of Turkey within the Australian community
  • Educate Australians the richness of Turkish society
  • Nurture the young, set example and provide aspiration for Turkish youth
  • Encourage Tourism to Turkey

Multiculturalism and Community

The Australian Turkish Business Council also supports multiculturalism and community events. The ATBC is proud to have sponsored and supported the following:

  • Sponsorship of The Queen Victoria Market Turkish Pazar Festival (Annual Event).
  • Supporting and Encouraging cultural harmony by holding annual IFTAR dinners.
  • Supporting and Encouraging unity and collective friendship by holding an annual community picnic hosted by ATBC Board members, which has so far been very successful and each year has attracts at last 500 members of the community to attend.

Whilst many benefits are derived by ATBC members on a personal and business level, by becoming a member of the Australian Turkish Business Council, you are becoming a part of the fastest growing business council which continues to build stronger bridge with Turkey as the Diplomatic and Economical ties between the two countries becomes stronger and stronger.

Your membership also contributes to supporting and sponsoring Education, sporting , Art and Culture and Multiculturalism and towards promoting the Turkish Community both business and cultural awareness to Politicians, Schools and the Public at large within Australia.